Personality of the person is depicted from his fashion sense. What he wears tells that what he thinks and how up to date is he with the time. The one who is stylized and is up to date with fashion is confident and has fame in society. Not just has a social life bonanza but his career life is also hit. Have you ever thought how this is possible? Let’s see:
Wear according to fashion: as the time changes so does the fashion changes. It is advisable that you should be up to date with the trend. It’s not that you have to spend all you’re saving and completely change the wardrobe, a little change here and there is must. You could add chic pair of shoes in your wardrobe or may a designer collection. You could spend on accessories; a little change in your hair styling. All this won’t be too burning for the pocket.
Wear what is comfortable for you: it is often seen in the name of fashion people try to wear those things that are not comfortable and don’t even suit your personality. This is absolutely wrong, until you won’t pamper your body with comfortable and chic trends it won’t let you look good. While you are shopping don’t see as to what others are buying, look for that pair of clothes which you feel would bring out the real beauty in you.
Upgrading your style: upgrade your fashion sense. It’s not that when you go to market place that is when you have to look for new thing, when your are at home and doing nothing that is when you could access internet and see for the latest chic trends which would give you a fairer idea as to what hang bags, shoes, denims etc you should go for.
Remember, ideal personality could achieve you, laurels if blended together with right fashion sense.