You must have heard many people talking about fashion. But ironically a very few of them actually know what fashion is in true terms. A fashion trend is basically a theme consisting of a pattern of clothing, foot ware, bags, accessories and parallel hairdo’s that has been adopted by the people of a particular era.
The fashion industry is an ever changing industry. As apparent from certain observations, the cycle of fashion keeps on revolving. That’s why many old clothing styles come back and people happily adopt them. However, there are always some new innovative ideas submerged into these old trends. The fashion that has made a great comeback in the fashion industry is the retro fashion. Here are a few tips about retro fashion:
• Hair do: The most unique thing about retro style is the hairdo. Some popular retro style hairdos are pin curls, victory rolls, head wrap, hair puffs, etc.
• Clothing: The retro style dresses generally consist of polka dot prints, knee length skirts and frocks, bows at the belly and back are to name a few.
• Foot ware: Talking about foot ware, high heels with most of the foot covered, metal studs, gum boots go well with these dresses. But foot ware must be chosen keeping in mind the length of your dress such as gum boots will only go with short dresses while high heels will go with both long and short dresses.
• Accessories: The trendiest retro accessories are head bands. Other additions to your wardrobe can be large size eye glasses, hats, floral hair clips, bulky colored bracelets matching with the dress and earrings with hoops.
Bags: Slim leather bags go well with this fashion trend. Colorful purses made of a glossy stuff with an inflated appearance complete your retro attire.